Diamet is the niece of Nomad, daughter of his brother Issauga. She plays an important role in the episode The return of the Red Prince.

Freeing the Red PrinceEdit

When Nomad and his friends are captured by Nomad's cousin Lady Prowesse, Diamet breaks into the cell through an old sewer to free him. The hole is however too small for Nomad to get through, so Ember goes in his place. Nomad gives Ember the Sign of the Pearl, to mark her as Nomad's replacement. For Nomad's people, the Sign of the Pearl makes Ember Nomad himself, which is why in the beginning Diamet calls Ember "Prince Nomad", much to Ember's annoyance. Eventually Diamet gives in and calls her Lady Ember.

Diamet and Ember flee through the old sewer, but the exit hangs above a deep cliff. While Diamet has no problem climbing walls, Ember fears the deep and stays behind. Unfortunately Prowesse's archers notices the escape and shoot at them. Diamet must climb to safety. In the meantime, Prowesse pours burning oil into the sewer. Ember has no choice to jump out of the sewer to prevent herself from burning alive. Luckily for her Diamet has just taken a Plunder which grabs Ember while she falls down the cliff 

The Army of Prince NomadEdit


Diamet takes Ember to the "Army of Prince Nomad", a group of children who are not of noble blood. They became friends of Diamet when her father was murdered and the other nobles were too afraid of Prowesse to befriend Diamet. At first the children are surprised to see Ember, but when they see the Sign of the Pearl on her forehead, they realise she "is" Prince Nomad. They smuggle Ember into the city to dress her into the Holy Ornaments (which they have stolen before) and prepare her for the Presentation before the King will crown Prowesse as the new queen. 

Although they are discovered by some of Prowesse's soldiers, they arrive just in time in the shelter. When the soldiers see Ember in the Holy Ornaments and with the Sign of the Pearl on her forehead, the soldiers get divided, and Diamet and Ember escape in the fight that follows. They arrive literally at the last moment, as the king had already nearly crowned Prowesse. Prowesse then challenges "Nomad" to the Dance of Death on the Drum of the Gods



After the Dance of Death, with Prowesse fallen into the volcano and most likely dead, Nomad is accused of sacrilege, as Ember (who still 'is' Nomad as long as she has the Sign of the Pearl on her forehead) had destroyed the Drum of the Gods. Nomad must go into exile once more. The King thus makes Diamet his heir, and she will become the next Queen of the Land inside the Ring of Fire