The Artful Dredger is a pickpocket living in Neu-London. He is an alternative version of the "Artful Dodger", from Charles Dickens' book Oliver Twist, due to the bugs in the central computer of the Intruder. He appears in the episode The Genesis-equation and made a cameo appearance in The Armageddon-traveller.

First meetingEdit

Dredger was sitting near the river as he saw Storm and his companions, who had entered the pod through a sluice on the bottom of the river, climb out. Seeing a naked Ember , he joked about how he, the pickpocket champion of Britpod, had no idea where to start picking her pockets. The other people of Neu-London were disgusted to see Ember walk around naked, and she was nearly arrested. But Dredger helped her out, by stealing the policeman's suspenders, and took Ember and her friends away (although in the chaos they lost sight of Rak*El). As his master Fuggin wondered why Dredger would take grown-ups to his hide-out, as his gang of pickpockets was made up of children, Dredger explained that Storm could replace Bill Sikes, Nomad could be a streetfighter, and that Ember could be "NO lady". Fuggin did like the plan, giving Ember a sexy outfit, but Storm, who unlike Ember knew the meaning of the outfit, was suspicious of Fuggin's intentions.

Invasion of Neu-LondonEdit

But very soon afterwards Neu-London was invaded by Marduk and his army of fallen angels and robots. In their search for Storm, they also came to Fuggin's house. But Fuggin's house was protected by booby-traps. As Marduk's troops were defeated for the moment, Fuggin told Dredger to take the strangers to Sherlock Holmes.  
Here, Dredger listened as Holmes explained that to save everyone from being killed in a possible collision between the Intruder and Pandarve, Storm had to travel to the central pod through the Fourth Dimension. Dredger then accompanied them all to the 'trash dump' on Marble Arch, a gateway to the Fourth Dimension.


After Storm has restored the original program >4&X in the central computer, and all pods have separated, it was shown that Britpod was one of the pods that had survived. Dredger and a few other boys were rebuilding Neu-London while Dredger thanked Neumann that the foreigners were gone.


Dredger must be a master in disguises, as his hair often changes from blonde to black and back again.