The tattoomaster tattooing Nomad, while the fisherman assures him that the paint will wear off after a while.

The Tattoomaster takes care of the tattoos of every person on the Ribs of Pandarve. As nakedness is a crime on the Ribs, every bit of skin that is not covered by clothes or hair has to be tattooed. Even visitors have to go to the tattoomaster, although for them he uses paint that will wear off after a while. The only exception to this law is made for people who needs to be cured with Pandarve's Breath, as it's a holy duty for the people of the Ribs to save someone's life, and the time it will take to tattoo the patient could result in the patient's death if they were tattooed before being cured. Nonetheless, it is still stated that the patient can get his/her 'decorations' later.

Although Nomad upon hearing about the tattoomaster complains that he doesn't like the idea to walk around with crude drawings for the rest of his life, the tattoomaster's tattoos are of a very intricate pattern. Nomad is told not to move while he is tattooed to not disrupt the holy pattern as it could change into a curse. Despite the kindness of the people of the Ribs, Storm and Nomad dislike the tattoos so much, that they can barely wait for Ember to wake up, so they can leave the Ribs immediately.